Covid-19 Guidelines

Our Housekeeping staff is fully equipped and trained to follow the daily rituals to fight with Covid 19 and keeping our Guest safe, These includes:

  • 1. After check-out room has to be locked for 48 hours with deep sanitization (virex ll 256)& reopen the room with place UVC light after 48 hours.
  • 2. Check-out room & washroom has to be done deep cleaning by Diversey product.
  • 3. All soiled linen has to be sanitized with oxiver vibe16 then all soiled send to laundry for a wash with Diversey products.
  • 4. Room curtains & upholstery have to be sanitized with oxiver vibe16 (D fogger).
  • 5. All touchpoints have to be disinfectant & cleaned by virex ll 256.
  • 6. All surfaces/handles/knob/furniture/tv/fridge has to be disinfectant by virex ll 256.
  • 7. Washroom all surfaces/structures/wall has to be disinfectant & cleaned deeply by Diversey product.
  • 8. All unused amenities & supplies have to be removed from the room for disinfectant and All amenities and supplies have to be placed newly packed & extra for the guest requirement.
  • 9. All fresh linen and towels must be placed in making the room (which has been washed & disinfectant in the laundry by Diversey product).
  • 10. All corners and floor have to be disinfectant by virex ll 256.
  • 11. After ready the room fresh air must be on in the room and dusting all surfaces by virex ll 256.
  • 12. After room inspection for new guest arrival again sanitized has to be done by virex ll 256 and locked properly.
  • 13. All housekeeper staff must wear a PPE kit/face shield/gloves whenever make any room.
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