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Due to its proximity to NH1, Grand Trunk Road, Murthal is home to some of India's most famous dhabas. The main highway connecting Delhi to Chandigarh, Punjab, and Himachal is the NH1. Also recognised as the origin of tandoori paranthas, which are served with dollops of handmade ghee, and pachranga pickles prepared with ingredients from Panipat. There are many places to visit in Murthal that are near to this dhaba so that you make the most out of your trip!


The first place that springs to mind when discussing a day trip from Delhi is Murthal. Murthal would make you feel better if you have a particular passion for eating. The roadside Dhaba sells mouthwatering packed paranthas and kulchas.


 Here is a list of the most popular dhabas in Murthal to satiate your appetite: Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba is the talk of the town! Amrik Sukhdev is now a well-known landmark on G.T. Road, renowned for its unrivalled cuisine, impeccable service, and tranquil atmosphere. Other hotels include Haveli and Gulshan Dhaba. And Mannat Haveli.


Destinations, itineraries, and must-do activities comprise- 


Mojoland - On the outskirts of Delhi in Murthal, just on the highway, is the ultimate adrenaline-pumping attraction called Mojoland.


Jurasik Park inn - Bring your family and friends along for a getaway from your hectic daily schedule. There is a wave pool that simulates a beach and a separate pool for children and families.


Badkhalsa Memorial Museum - A 17th-century martyr's shrine featuring a prayer hall and a Sikh history museum.


Which one on a monsoon evening most piqued your interest and ended up on your bucket list?


Pro-tip: If you are planning your trip to Murthal and are wondering where to stay, then Hotel Home In by Amrik Sukhdev has got you covered! One of the best hotels in Murthal, the finest degree of comfort and cordial warmth is embodied there. Both tourists and families looking for a party site will feel at home in the hotel, which is charmingly located on G.T. Road, Murthal NH-1 s Road. Because it blends a stunning à la mode setting, tantalising culinary menu, voguish architecture, and modern comforts, "Home In" is a fantastic adjective of opulence.




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