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Haryana's Murthal is a tiny town and village. It is located in Haryana's Sonipat district. This location is on the Eastern Peripheral Expressway, which connects the National Capital Region (NCR) to several other cities in Punjab and Haryana, including Karnal, Sonipat, Ambala, and Chandigarh. On this road, there are several ‘dhabas’ and premium eateries where one may have wonderful meals while one travels. The most well-known establishment among Murthal's restaurants and dhabas are Amrik Sukhdev.

Paratha: Indian bread known as paratha is layered, flaky, and golden brown. It is often eaten for breakfast. The words parat and atta (flour), which refer to the cooked, layered dough, were combined to create the name.

Biryani: A series of traditional meals known as "biryani" originates from the Mughal Empire. The essential components of biryani are rice (preferably basmati), spices, meat, egg, or vegetable basis, and a variety of other ingredients like yogurt, almonds, dried fruits, and other optional elements. It is said that Mumtaz Mahal, the queen of Emperor Shah Jahan, invented the dish in the 1600s. The dish was carried from Persia to India by tradesmen and immigrants, and the word "biryani" is derived from the Persian word "birian," which means "fried or roasted."

Butter Chicken: Murgh makhani, often known as butter chicken, is a standard dish in most Indian restaurants and is likely the most well-known of all Indian cuisines. The dish was created in Delhi in the 1950s by Kundan Lal Gujral, who thereafter launched the Moti Mahal restaurant.

Palak paneer: A common vegetarian dish in India is called palak paneer, which is paneer cheese cooked in a thick, rich sauce of puréed spinach, tomatoes, garam masala, garlic, and a variety of other spices. Since palak means spinach in Hindi and paneer means cheese, the dish's essential ingredients are even stated in the name.

Dal tadka: A classic lentil-based dish from northern India is called dal tadka or tadkewali dal. Despite some variations, toor dal (split yellow pigeon peas), garlic, ginger, onions, tomatoes, garam masala, chili peppers, ghee, cumin, coriander, turmeric, red chili powder, and fenugreek leaves are typically used in the preparation of the meal.

Saag paneer: Indian saag paneer, also known as saag, is a well-known vegetable dish that includes diced paneer cheese covered in a creamy mixture of fresh leafy greens. It is often cooked with tomatoes, a hearty spice mixture, mashed mustard, fenugreek, spinach, bathua, or collard greens.

Malai kofta: Traditional North Indian food called malai kofta consists of fried potato and paneer balls in a creamy sauce. Due to the dish's rich flavors and texture, it is frequently served at weddings, parties, and festivals.

Some of the top luxury hotels in Murthal include SK Park Blu, Park Regency Hotel & Resort, and Capital O 36049 Hotel Lotus Paradise.


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