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This small town in the Indian state of Haryana has emerged as a popular weekend getaway for people looking for the best stay near Delhi NCR and Chandigarh. Known for its mouth-watering parathas and dhabas, Murthal offers a perfect blend of traditional Indian culture and modern luxury. This essay will take you through the ultimate weekend stay in Murthal, exploring the best luxury hotels, local attractions, and culinary experiences that this charming town has to offer.


You will be able to get a feel for the trip after reading this essay. We want you to have at least some idea of what a weekend stay in Murthal is like before planning your weekend getaway here.


Choose Your Accommodation


The first step in planning a perfect weekend stay in Murthal is to decide where you will be staying. There are a variety of accommodation options available in the city, including hotels, guesthouses, and homestays. Depending on your budget and preferences, you can choose the luxury hotels in Murthal and choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. Some of the popular choices include:


1. Jurasik Park Inn: This unique resort offers a blend of luxury and adventure, with its themed rooms and a water park. It is an ideal choice for families and groups looking for a fun-filled weekend.


2. Highway King: A budget-friendly option, Highway King offers comfortable rooms and basic amenities. It is located close to the famous Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba, making it a convenient choice for food lovers.


3. Hotel Home Inn: It is by far one of the best luxury hotels in Murthal. This hotel offers a range of deluxe accommodations and amenities to suit every budget.


4. Haveli: This luxurious resort offers a royal experience with its elegant rooms, lush gardens, and fine dining options. It is perfect for those looking to indulge in a lavish weekend stay.


5. OYO Rooms: For travelers on a budget, OYO Rooms offer affordable and comfortable stays in various locations across Murthal.


Explore the City

Murthal is home to a variety of attractions and activities that are sure to keep you busy during your stay. The city is home to the famous Sukhdev Dhaba, which serves delicious North Indian cuisine. There are also several temples in the city, such as the Jyotirlinga Temple, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva, and the Shakti Mandir, which is dedicated to Goddess Durga. If you’re looking for a more active experience, there are plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking, boating, and wildlife safaris.



Murthal is a paradise for food lovers, especially those who enjoy North Indian cuisine. The town is famous for its dhabas (roadside eateries) that serve mouth-watering parathas (Indian flatbread) with a variety of fillings, such as potato, cauliflower, paneer (cottage cheese), and more. These parathas are served with generous dollops of white butter and a side of yogurt and pickles. Some of the must-visit dhabas in Murthal include:


1. Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba: Established in 1956, this iconic dhaba is a favorite among locals and travelers alike. Known for its delicious parathas and impeccable service, Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba is a must-visit during your weekend stay in Murthal.


2. Garam Dharam Dhaba: Inspired by the famous Bollywood actor Dharmendra, this dhaba offers a unique dining experience with its themed decor and delicious food. The parathas here are a must-try, along with their signature lassi (yogurt drink).


3. Haveli: Apart from being a luxurious resort, Haveli also houses a fine-dining restaurant that serves a variety of North Indian dishes. The ambiance and the food make it a perfect choice for a special dinner during your weekend stay.


4. Pahalwan Dhaba: Another popular dhaba in Murthal, Pahalwan Dhaba is known for its scrumptious parathas and refreshing lassi. The dhaba also offers a variety of other dishes, such as chole bhature and kadhi pakora.


While the primary attraction of Murthal is its delicious food, there are several activities that you can indulge in during your weekend stay. Some of the popular activities include:


1. Adventure Sports: For thrill-seekers, Murthal offers a range of adventure sports, such as go-karting, paintball, and zorbing. You can visit the Jurasik Park Inn or the Fun Town Amusement and Water Park to enjoy these activities.


2. Shopping: Murthal is famous for its local markets, where you can find a variety of items, such as traditional clothes, handicrafts, and souvenirs. The Murthal Market and the Sonipat Market are popular shopping destinations in the area.


3. Village Tour: To get a glimpse of rural life in Murthal, you can opt for a village tour. This will give you an opportunity to interact with the locals, learn about their culture and traditions, and enjoy the serene landscapes of the countryside.


4. Yoga and Meditation: For those looking to relax and rejuvenate during their weekend stay, Murthal offers several yoga and meditation centers. You can join a session at the Patanjali Yogpeeth or the Art of Living Center to experience the benefits of these ancient practices.


Hotel Home In is a luxury hotel located in Murthal, Haryana. It is a 4-star hotel and offers a range of facilities and amenities including an outdoor pool and a fitness centre. It offers a great selection of rooms, ranging from Deluxe and Premium to Superior, Executive, and Presidential Suites. All of the rooms are equipped with air conditioning, LCD TV, telephone, and free Wi-Fi. If you're looking for a luxury hotel in Murthal to stay on your weekend trip, Hotel Home Inn can be the best choice.


Known for its mouth-watering parathas and serene landscapes, Murthal is an ideal destination for a weekend getaway. This quaint town offers a perfect blend of delicious food, relaxation, and adventure, making it an ultimate weekend stay for travelers. Whether you’re looking for the best stay near Delhi NCR or an adventure-filled trip, Murthal has something for everyone. Here is a guide on how to plan the ultimate weekend stay in Murthal.


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